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My project is inspired by European porcelain ware of the 19th century. The use of tableware and tea sets make up a big part of our daily eating rituals. Porcelain collections are passed down from one generation to the next, or expanded by the addition of new items.

My hypothesis is that naturalistic depictions in porcelain design are a factor in why people invest in an item. There is a certain innocence and neutrality to animal imagery, which I sought to explore. The haptic and visual traits of animal structures, along with their protective and defensive mechanisms are especially interesting, therefore I wanted to incorporate these biomimetic attributes in my tea set.

My creations were ideated through digital parametric design software. My medium is porcelain clay, whereas my tool is my self-built ceramic 3D-printer. With all these different variables, a definite aesthetic is hard to predict. To me, my tea set does not need be true to a traditionally manufactured porcelain vessel, neither does it have to look completely digital in origin. So my designs aim to be something unique and novel altogether.

Viola Siegling

MSc Applied Technologies: Rapid Prototyping and Digital Technologies

Biomimetic Tea Time

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