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The aim of this research is to analyse and underline the relationship between body and movement, through the connection of materials and their adaptation and reaction to it. Concluding in the exploration of a possibility to create a new category of fabrics.

The narration behind this is a reflection on the digital ages we are living in, where virtual is overwhelming the physical aspects of life.

We are now the new tribe of digital natives. Digital people in digital environments. The research explores the question: how can movement be embodied in our urban garments through the use of programmable materials in response to the digital era?

Moreover, in support of the conceptual world of materialisation versus volatility, of tangible vs intangible, physical vs virtual, it follows an investigation on what is movement, how we can produce and trace it.

The focus is on the challenge of materialising our movements, in order to bring awareness to our situation. What would be a world only that is only experienced virtually? How can we save the material world? We need to investigate the essence of our physical body, the movement. This is the story, or better say, the wardrobe, of our new digital era; of the materialisation of movement.

Valentina Favaro

MA Fashion

Materialising the digital

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