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The practice-based research question is ‘How to make the attractiveness of skin depending on skin colour and skin structures and create textile design’. This project explores personal colour, based on skin colours and skin tones, skin layers and skin structures. It also aims to understand people who have different skin colour and make them understand their personal colour through the colour analysis.

Skin colour looks different depending on warm and cool tone shades, I want to help people to find their right fitted colour when they wear clothes. I select different colours of mesh as the main fabric, various yarns, threads and plain fabrics. The reason why mesh is selected is to emphasize the skin colour. When using the mesh, you can see skin through the fabric and skin colour can be changed depending on fabric colours.

To create a new background image of fabrics, I did drawings and marbling works which are similar to the skin structure. Also, to create my own fabrics, I tried to make a range of fabric samples using different materials which are for the expression of skin structures.

Sandy Ho Jeong Yun

MA Fashion

Attractiveness of Skin

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