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A space within a journey will have many paths linked inside, which can be told in the form of a story.

The beginning, in postmodern fashion, explains how information is collected in one’s eyes and abstracted to create a visual or many visuals. Postmodernism can still be defined in a more developed way through fashion and anything that may inspire fashion through storytelling.

My innovation with fabrics will help tell a story of my ‘Incomplete City’. This path within the journey has no beginning and no end in this city has broken, eroded textures and random forms of construction. These are implemented in inspiration of designs.

My way of creating these designs, are to drape, draw, cut and crease with types of plastics for construction and texture fabric under the transparencies. The textures suggest the awareness of imperfections that randomly exist in the urban streets, still around us. And the clear PVCs emphasise how clear the story is in reality.

Samina Hafeez

MA Fashion

Incomplete City

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