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Liz Ciokajlo

Liz Ciokajlo is a footwear designer and researcher bringing years experience working as a product, furniture and fashion accessories designer to her practice www.lizciokajlo.co.uk and company OurOwnsKIN.co.uk. Her work focuses on bio-fabricated and natural materials, 3D print technologies, the body and how these will alter footwear constructions seeing this combination as futuristic and decisively female. She has worked on innovation projects with footwear companies (Clarks), on research teams (Kings College London) and exhibits internationally, most recently commissioned by the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) for Items: Is Fashion Modern?

Having graduated from London College of Fashion with a Masters of Fashion Footwear in early 2013, she is currently undertaking a part time PhD research degree into the evolution of design form in future manufacturing.

Wearable Skin

Researcher: Liz Ciokajlo -  Lecturer Product Design BA (HONS)

OurOwnsKIN is a project which explores referencing human foot skin to rethink how we design for future manufactured 3D printed and grown shoes. Research was undertaken into the tension structures of foot skin to inspire a computation framework. Springy cells call auxetics were placed into the computation framework to address how the material and design construction can provide finer variations in fit needed in mass production. Our research only scratches the surface of the potential to customise the structure for bespoke performance application.


Liz Ciokajlo

Senior Lecturer

BA (Hons) Fashion Accessory and Textile Futures


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