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From the beginning of our existence, storytelling has always been an essential need for human survival and is an integral part of our being, our souls. During ancient times, people would gather around campfires to listen to stories of heroes and brave hunters. Designers use storytelling as a method to enhance both the process and outcome because it uncovers the things that usually are overlooked and puts them in a new context.

This project aims to explore storytelling techniques in a design context; how objects can be used as an agent/medium of transformation and inform people about the intelligence of the mechanical inventions in the golden age of Islam.

A focus on the story of Banu Musa bin Shakir and Al-Jazari was made in order to highlight main inventions and increase the intercultural respect between generations through a multi-sensory journey where the users have to interact with a variety of products in different stages to uncover the greatness of this legacy.

Khadija Radwan Abdelgawad Elmongy

MSc Applied Technologies: Rapid Prototyping and Digital Technologies

Storytelling as Method for Design

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