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The Assembly of Self is an interactive installation that allows the observer to become the observed. With the aid of projection mapping and a live video feed, the viewer is integrated directly into a series of character collages that explore familiar societal archetypes. Et voilà, the individual is transformed into an ensemble. This experience asks the audience to consider their personal engagement with the recycled behaviours of humankind, and question the agency of ‘I’.

Guided by the words of famed phenomenological philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, noting the body and perception cannot be unsnarled, the Assembly of Self uses the human form as a palette, and gestural language as a medium. The parameters of space, weight, and time form the matrix through which the motion of each portrait has been choreographed, according to the 8 basic efforts as laid out by modern dance pioneer and movement theorist Rudolf Laban.

Kat Lee Hornstein

MA Interactive Digital Media

The Assembly of Self

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