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Moasis is an audiovisual installation and performance, exploring connections between sound, gestures and moving image. It utilises Leap Motion, a hand tracking device, as an audiovisual instrument, which allows you to intervene, play with and manipulate Ly San; the composition created by Malidah (Kaja Skrbinšek) specifically for this work.

As you play with the composition there are visual changes. In the case of Moasis, Leap Motion is used as a combination of a sampler, mixer and audio effects unit, allowing for interaction with a customised sample bank. It becomes a remixing tool, with our intervention completing the piece. In the context of the installation, audience members are invited to actively participate in remixing the piece.

Specific characteristics of this particular tool influence the way we compose and perform music itself and represent the unique link between audio manipulation, hand gestures and simultaneously controlled visualisations.

Kaja Skrbinšek

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