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Sara Andersdotter is a researcher, artist and academic, with a practice-based PhD in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London, which utilises a Deleuzian framework for challenging perceptions of memory in contemporary art practice. Her thesis, Choking on the madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in a contemporary art practice, confronts assumptions and ocularcentric misconceptions that the mnemic is a visual or ocular phenomenon, and offers an alternative concept of memory that may be incorporated into art practice.

Sara’s work is primarily installation based and multisensory, incorporating photography, video, sound, and smell.
Her research interests include: memory, photography, continental philosophy, non-human experiences and the animal, ‘minor’ / fringe groups, representation, non-human photography, installation art, alternative systems of thought, and Deleuzian concepts of affect, the encounter, the image of thought, assemblage, and minor/major thought.

Sara is the Course Director for Contextual Studies at Ravensbourne, leading, overseeing and directing its operations and developments. She is also the Editor of Corrupted Files, a journal of research by staff and students at Ravensbourne as well as that of external contributors.



Dr Sara Andersdotter

Course Director Contextual Studies


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