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Conference papers

Forthcoming, Essay: Maffioletti, C. (2016) Feminist Epistemologies: questioning the process of narrativisation of arts practice for the practice-based PhD thesis. In: Speaking of Practice, (eds) Addison, G. Spindler, S. London: University of the Arts London

Maffioletti, C. Dirt and Not Copper (Artwork) In: Gutfreund, K. (ed.) Who’s Afraid of Feminism? New York: Women’s Caucus for Art, (2015). ISN: 1.212.634.007

Maffioletti, C. (2014) The Power of Hysteria: Towards Mapping a New Feminine Utopia, 4th Global Conference - Femininities and Masculinities Conference: A Gender and Sexuality Project, 2nd of May – 4th of May, Lisbon: interdisciplinary.net

Doctoral thesis

Maffioletti, Catherine (2013) ‘Beyond the Mirror: towards a feminised (cartographic) process of spatiality in moving image and installation based artworks’, Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Art, London.

Book chapters

Maffioletti, Catherine (2013) ‘Radio Play: Her Tea’, ‘State of Solanas’, & ‘Pantanal’. In: M. Throp (ed) The Performance Dinners: The Subjectivity & Feminisms Research Group. London: University of the Arts London. pp. 24, 54 & 78. (ISBN: 978-1-908339-05-8)

Maffioletti, Catherine, Hjelde, Katrine, & Bradfield, Marsha (Future Reflections Research Group) (2012) ‘Future (Re)turn’. In: G. Vaz-Pinheiro (ed) Detours III, Relational Spaces: A new expanded field for art and thought. London: ArtinSite. 


Maffioletti, Catherine (Subjectivity and Feminisms Research Group) (2010) ‘Subjectivity & Feminisms research group’. In: R, Birkett & M. Fusco (eds.) The Cosey Complex Reader. London: ICA. (ISBN: 978-1-900300-63-6)

E-Book chapter

Maffioletti, Catherine, Hjelde, Katrine, & Bradfield, Marsha (Future Reflections Research Group) (2009) ‘Future Reflections: Rhetorical Response’. In: N. Nimkulrat & T. O'Riley (eds). Reflections and Connections: On the relationship between creative production and academic research, Helsinki: University of Art and Design Helsinki. PDF

Conference proceedings

Maffioletti, C. (2016) National Association of Fine Art Education (NAFAE), Fine Art Research Network Symposium: Research Practice Practice Research, Lancaster, UK, 15th of July. Presentation: Theatres for Enactment and Reception: Psychoanalysis, Performance Art and Virtual Reality.

Maffioletti, C. (2016) Creative Tech Week, New York, USA, April 29 – May 8. Presentation: Research at Ravensbourne.

Maffioletti, C. (2015) Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari: Refrains of Freedom – An International Conference, Athens, 24 – 26 April. In: The Scream Panel. Presentation: On Performance and Hysteria.

Art exhibitions 

Bios (arts space), Athens, Greece (2015)
Subjectivities & Feminisms Research Group, Performance Dinners No.8: The Bankorgs

Banqueting Hall, Chelsea, London (2015)
The Gender & Sexuality Forum and Subjectivities & Feminisms Research Group,
Performance Dinner No. 7: Charming for the Revolution: A Gaga Manifesto.

Philadelphia Association, London (2015)
50 years – A Celebration of R.D.Laing, Do You Love Me? Performance, music and readings

Cathrine's CV: PDF

Dr Catherine Maffioletti

Research Fellow


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