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Dr Brigitta Zics is an artist and researcher who is the new Deputy Head of Postgraduate Studies in Ravensbourne. She joined the team after leading on Digital Media research at Culture Lab, Newcastle University.

She brings a strong interdisciplinary approach to digital practice with a focus on practice-based research and creative entrepreneurship. Her main interest is experience-centred design and the exploration of new interaction paradigms through practice. In her teaching and research she is an advocate of 'thinking through making’ , a hands-on approach to a collaborative and innovation-led practice that generate novel knowledge as well as experimental or polished artefacts.

Dr Zics' current research topics include somatic and multi-modal interfaces, wearable tactile displays and data visualisation. Her work and research have been broadly published (MIT, Springer) and exhibited (e.g. SIGGRAPH, IMAGINA and ISEA) around the world.


Dr Brigitta Zics PgCert, MA (MKE) MFA (KHM) PhD

Deputy Head of Department of Postgraduate Studies | Academic Supervision | Subject leader in Interactive Digital Media


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