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I’m a generalist/technical artist working on all aspects of a project including concept, design, lookdev, modelling, texturing, rigging, skinning, animating, lighting, rendering, compositing, pipeline and scripting.

My main focus has been exploring photorealism, and the process of matching CGI to film and photography.

Originally I set out to be an animator, I fell into environment creation while working in the games industry. Since then I have had a passion for creating immersive scenes which tell a story. I find developing the final look fascinating, and have working knowledge of constructing shaders and lighting with real world principles.

I explore why things look the way they do, how things react to light, how perspective works through a camera lens, how to replicate surface details. The quest for achieving photorealism is seeing the nuances that make up the world and applying them to the virtual world of CG.

I have worked in many diverse industries/projects including Architectural Visualisation, AAA Games, Exhibitions, Military, Illustration and Digital Learning. In 2015 I helped establish a digital content creation studio for a previous employer in Southampton, where I was in charge of establishing the 3D workflow/pipeline as well as lead the art development for projects.

Dev Byeajee

Associate senior lecturer

BA (Hons) Animation

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