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Chris Lawley

Chris has kept a studio practice in London since leaving BA in 1990 and has exhibited both nationally and internationally (Philadelphia, USA).

His recent studio practice has expanded to include the performing arts and the two interests converge well in the current climate for site-specific contemporary practice. They have formed a symbiotic relationship, which is executed through painting and installation as an exploration of character, prop and 'the self' within the framework of geography: rural, urban and liminal space. This embryonic relationship has fired his interest for the future in possibilities for a PhD application. Chris has also applied the cross-discipline practice to set design for the Dirty Market Theatre at The Oval House in Kennington, London, for which the design was well-received in the press.


Present: Design and delivery of the Contextual Studies programme, including visiting lectures, written assignments and assessments. This consists of two different programmes with Foundation and pre-Foundation students. Oversee attendance, pastoral tutorials and student support across the student cohort. Interviews for prospective intake. Open Days. Access programme design and validation 2013/14.

2009-11: Taught across all lens-based media disciplines including: photography, film, broadcasting, moving image and animation. Delivering seminars, tutorials, assessments, UCAS support and providing references.

2000-09: Ran the Fine Art pathway on foundation until Ravensbourne relocated to Greenwich peninsula in 2009. Teaching Painting, Drawing (inc. Life Drawing), Sculpture, Installation, Film and Video.

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Chris Lawley

Senior lecturer


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