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Carl Smith ​is director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) and senior lecturer at Ravensbourne in London. His background is in computer science and architecture.

He is an academic and developer with over fourteen years’ experience conducting R+D into the application of advanced technologies for lifelong, work and creative learning. He has worked on multiple large scale European FP7 and Leonardo Life Long Learning projects bringing in over £4 million in research funding. He specialises in using hybrid reality methodologies and visualization techniques to engineer contexts for the generation and transformation of perception, behaviour and learning. His research interests include spatial methodologies, embodied cognition, field of view technologies, intermediality and human centric hybrid literacy.


A €2m project aims to deliver education to school children through their mobile phones. A €2.8m project is developing Virtual Reality simulations for professional training, including monitoring physiological and psychological performance during VR and AR training of Astronauts due to work at the International Space Station.


Carl Smith

Senior lecturer


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