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A Ravensbourne graduate of BA (Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures and MA Environment Design, Baizhou has been practicing interior design and architecture internationally with a focus on the future of mixed-use buildings, eco-friendly and green design, and new technologies.

As a design writer, Baizhou has contributed to publications including Ideal Space (Shanghai China), Parkview Dictionary (Beijing China). An author for book Sub Plan (London UK).

Baizhou has had project work publisihed in Ideal-Space magazine, Bazzar Arts, LiuZhou Daily Newspaper and the Shenzhen Daily Newspaper in China, and in Hong Kong's Commercial Daily as well as artwork featured on Central China Television (CCTV).

He has previously worked at Fosters and Partners on the project ‘Sheikh Zayed National Museum’ based in Abu Dhabi, rebranded large scale retail project for CEC International’s subsidiary 759 Store of over 180 retail shops in Hongkong China, high end residential in both UK and China.

Baizhou’s personal research covers areas including using building technology to purify polluted air in China, exploring the possibilities of using micro algae to purify the air and produce biofuel.

His current research focuses on the modernization of China’s regional traditional civilian dwellings. Throughout time, architecture has evolved with the progress of civilization, but due to the fast passed development of People’s Republic of China in the past 60 years, China has adopted western infrastructure to save time and therefore created a cultural gap between its own and the western new. Baizhou is researching into the possibilities of evolving traditional Chinese architecture regionally by experimenting with new materials and evolution of traditional design elements, and was invited by the Chinese Embassy in UK to give a lecture about his research in their 2016 Public Media event.

Baizhou is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Baizhou Cai BA(Hons) IDEA MA ED FRSA MRI

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Interior Design Environment Architecture

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