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Originally trained as a fashion designer, Alexa Pollmann has worked in various fields of the fashion-industry.

She went on and graduated with an MA from Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art where she started PEUT-PORTER as a fashion-fiction platform and label. Her work has received various distinctions and lastly, she worked within Burberry’s Creative Media Department. Next to her work as a design consultant, she also delivers workshops, holds talks and researches fashion as a form of storytelling and as an interface for communication.

Her approach is cross-disciplinary as she works with various media such as film, performance, illustration and textiles. As part of her practice, she creates garment-hybrids and characters which become actors in speculative scenarios, using them to discuss and describe alternative futures, cultural trends and the social impacts of technology. She is also Designer in Residence at the Design Museum.

Alexa Pollmann

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MA Wearable Futures | BA (Hons) Fashion Accessories Design and Prototyping


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