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Research governance

Ravensbourne is on the register of UK higher education institutions recognised by Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) for grant funding to for the provision of education, the undertaking of research, and for related activities.

As a UK higher education institution in receipt of funding from HEFCE, Ravensbourne's research and other activities is bound by the 'Memorandum of assurance and accountability between HEFCE and institutions'. The commitments in this document include a commitment to research integrity.

As a UK higher education institution in receipt of funding from HEFCE, Ravensbourne is eligible to receive funds for research, postgraduate training and associated activities from any of the constituent funders in RCUK and are subject to the same terms and conditions as other UK universities (including those related to research governance and research integrity etc).

We are a member of the Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training (CREST). As a member of CREST, we are committed to the development of excellence in research. CREST, to is a signatory of, and helps to facilitate implementation and the sharing of best practice with respect to higher education sector-wide research policy initiatives, including the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers (PDF document); the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (PDF document); and the Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research (PDF Document). 

Research leadership and management

The Head of Research is responsible for the leadership and management of research at Ravensbourne.

Research governance

Ravensbourne is committed to supporting good practice in research and scholarly activity.

The Academic Board is responsible on behalf of the Board of Governors inter alia for the governance of issues related to research and scholarship.

Research Committee (RC) a sub-committee of Academic Board delegated with the oversight of Ravensbourne's applied research strategy and for bringing forward a policy infrastructure to support high standards and integrity in research management and conduct.

Research Committee is advised on legal, moral and ethical issues related to research by the Research Ethics Sub-Committee. Research Ethics Sub-Committee has particular responsibility and oversight for the integrity of research conducted at Ravensbourne ensuring that it is conducted in line with the Research Ethics section of our institutional Ethics Policy.

Enquiries in relation to research governance should be directed to the quality department.

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