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Carl Smith MA, MSc


Carl H Smith is Interim Head of Research, Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) and Principal Research Fellow at Ravensbourne University London.

His background is in computer science and architecture. He has 20 years’ experience conducting research and development into the application of hybrid technologies for perceptual, cognitive and creative transformation.

Bringing in over £10 million in research funding, his projects at Ravensbourne include: WEKIT (Wearable Experience), mRIDGE, mEQUITY, AR4EU (Code Reality) and the Hobs 3D Academy.

The local mission of his research centre is to implement and evaluate the impact of technological innovation on our practise-based courses.

The global mission is to keep Ravensbourne University London competitive at multiple levels through: i) Collaborating with industry partners to ensure continuous relevance ii) Creating Frameworks of use around the advanced technologies iii) Contributing to Technology Standards iv) Contributing to Policy.

He has previously worked at the Computing departments at London Metropolitan University, Glasgow University and Sheffield University. His research interests also include Distributed Cognition, Spatial Literacy and Hyper-humanism.

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Interim Head of Research | Director LTRC | Principal Research Fellow