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28 Oct 2019

Senior Lecturer, Liz Ciokajlo, has Mars Boot exhibited at the ‘Moving to Mars’ exhibition at the Design Museum

Liz Ciokajlo, celebrated footwear designer and senior lecturer on the BA (Hons) Fashion Accessory and Textile Futures course, has been selected to exhibit at the Design Museum. Her futuristic Mars Boot is on display as part of the ‘Moving to Mars’ exhibition, which is open until 23 February 2020.  

The ‘Moving to Mars’ exhibition is a cutting-edge multi-sensory exploration of a life imagined on Mars. The exhibition features immersive environments, around 200 objects including contributions from NASA, the European Space Agency and SpaceX. The exhibition includes a focus on the future of fashion, inviting visitors to try on garments inspired by the scarcity of materials on Mars.

Liz Ciokajlo collaborated with three other designers on the ‘Caskia: growing a Mars Boot’ project, which was originally commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art. The Mars Boot is primarily created from mycelium, the thin root-like fibres found in fungi. When dried, the substance can be used as a super strong, water, mould and fire resistant building material. The sole of the shoe was made from SLS TPU, a tear-resistant, rubber-like material. The accessory demonstrates the innovate leaps in design that could be necessary for the future. 

Liz commented, “I’m really pleased to be part of ‘Moving to Mars’. It is a thought provoking exhibition highlighting the importance of collaboration between designers and scientists to imagine, shape and dream our futures in Space and on Earth."

You can find out more about the ‘Moving to Mars’ exhibition and book early-bird tickets here.

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