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22 Oct 2019

Kingpins Show Transformers:ED promotes sustainability in the denim industry

Over 250 attendees visited Ravensbourne University London on Friday 18 October for Transformers:ED, a conference on sustainability in the denim industry hosted by Kingpins Show, who run denim trade events across the world. 

Speakers at the conference shared their expertise on sustainability solutions, inspiring fashion students to consider their environmental responsibility at the very beginning of their careers. Guests from over 30 fashion schools were in attendance, as well as numerous industry practitioners.

The event was hosted by Mohsin Sajid, Founder of Denim History, with speakers from the likes of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers and Debenhams coming together to provide solutions on how to make the jeans industry more environmentally viable, socially responsible and financially sound. Speakers discussed everything from the waste created by stonewashed jeans to how the cotton industry should be made more transparent, with consumers able to access information about the cotton farmers producing their garments. They also explored the significant carbon emissions generated in the denim supply chain and outlined proposals for localising the entire process. 

Commenting, Lee Lapthorne, Programme Director for the Department of Fashion said, “What an amazing opportunity this denim conference was for students from a number of institutions to join us at Ravensbourne. The wealth of shared knowledge from industry leaders on the social, economic and environmental innovations that the denim industry are leading on was an inspiration. We at Ravensbourne will continue to champion change for a better future for all.”

Andrew Olah, Founder of Kingpins Show added, “Transformers:ED was a wonderful opportunity for industry experts to share supply chain details with students so future designers can use best practices in creating jeans. Working with Ravensbourne was a joy — clearly a university with an intent to be a leader in the jeans industry and best of all they inspire denim experts to jump on board and help them.”

Kingpins Show will return to Ravensbourne in early 2020, challenging fashion students to create a range of denim garments, as well as branding for their collections across ten weeks. You can read about last year’s project here

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