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13 Jul 2018

International Student Mobility Scheme

£7.5K student award launched for social innovation postgraduate degree

As we approach the start of the new academic year, we are thrilled to extend our International Student Mobility Scheme for international students applying to join our MDes Social Innovation degree this September. This gives students from 16 countries* the chance to get 50% off our normal postgraduate tuition fees.

Only one condition - you need to contact us before 11 August 2018.

With a track record in producing award-winning social innovation students at Ravensbourne University London, we know how digital content and new technology is driving social change in countries around the world. That's why we first opened our International Student Mobility Scheme back in 2015: to incubate the social innovators of tomorrow. Celebrating the fifth anniversary of our move to London’s rapidly expanding Greenwich Peninsula, we decided to create five financial awards for each of our five Social Innovation (postgraduate) and Broadcasting (undergraduate) courses.

What can students expect from the course?

Social innovation students at Ravensbourne University London learn how to use their creative skills to effect positive social change across a range of sectors. They apply the lens of design thinking to some of today’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges.

With a real-world approach based on co-creation, prototyping and scalability, the course demonstrates how individuals and industry use strategic design to create innovative new services and more enduring, inclusive business models.

Students also develop the collaborative and entrepreneurial skills increasingly needed for leadership roles in  major brands, business, social enterprise, NGOs and government.

"We’re incredibly proud of our unique MDes Social Innovation postgraduate course, and especially our partnerships with NGOs, businesses and foundations across all sectors," explains Paul Sternberg, Associate Dean and Head of Design Innovation at Ravensbourne University London.

"The course continues to create an engaging and welcoming place that inspires people globally through participatory and immersive experiences around some of society’s most intractable social and environmental challenges. At the heart of this is design thinking, as a solution focused rather than problem focused approach."

And the reason for extending the scheme is in no doubt, according to Paul. "We’re particularly pleased to open up such a leading edge course to more students, especially those who otherwise may be less able to afford the cost of tuition. We can't wait to see the amazing concepts, strategies and mechanics of change that our social innovation students can now bring to fruition!"

How can I apply?

For the chance to benefit from this exclusive discount, whether you are making a new application or choosing to switch an existing offer to our MDes Social Innovation postgraduate degree, simply email postgrad@rave.ac.uk as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, but no later than 11 August 2018.

* Students must be nationals of the following countries to be eligible for this scheme: Ghana, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Mauritius, Nepal, Colombia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Philippines, Tanzania, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

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