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15 Dec 2017

Ravensbourne lecturer creates interactive light installation for the European Capital of Culture celebrations

Ravensbourne lecturer Tine Bech developed an interactive light installation, ‘We Believe’, connecting two Arne Jacobsen buildings; The Embassy of Denmark in London and Aarhus City Hall Tower in Denmark.

Both buildings were illuminated by Tine’s interactive artwork between Friday 10 November and Sunday 19 November. The installation was created for the ‘European Capital of Culture’ celebrations; which sees one or more European cities selected each year to host events which highlight the diversity of cultures in Europe.

‘We Believe’ by Tine Bech Studio connected Aarhus and London, encapsulating European collaboration and cultural exchange. The project was commissioned  by Hidden Places, a Danish association which aims to keep Aarhus “creative, investigative and experimental”. Tine built a playable control room that was situated on the roof of Karolinegaarden, Aarhus, and members of the public were invited to control a series of lights which illuminate the two buildings.  

The work explores how culture, architecture, technology and play intersect to shape the future of our cities. Both buildings are power structures and the aesthetics of the control room, as well as access to it, are essential to the project.

Arne Jacobsen is best known for his contributions to functionalism; an architectural movement popularised in the 1930s in which architects stressed that the design of a building should be heavily influenced by the function of that space.

Commenting, Tine said: “It was wonderful to see this project come to life after two years of  working on it. I wanted to design an installation which the public would be motivated to interact with, while showcasing two iconic buildings by legendary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Aarhus and London are my ‘home towns’ and connecting them has been an exciting and challenging experience.”

The project was supported by The Municipality of Aarhus and the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. Lights were manufactured by SGM Lights A/S and supplied by Vigsø A/S.

To find out more about the Capital of Culture season, visit the European Commission.

Photos by Jakob Lerche.


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