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05 Oct 2017

Ravensbourne supports the Stand Alone Pledge

Ravensbourne has committed to the Stand Alone Pledge, which supports estranged students who are studying without the support or approval of their family.

Students dealing with these kind of issues are three times more likely than the average student to drop out of higher education.

To address the unique challenges estranged students face, which includes access to housing and financial challenges outside of term time, Ravensbourne’s Student Services developed an estranged and independent support package. This includes financial assistance, advice on housing as well as access to other support services such as Mood Boost sessions. These help attendees to develop skills which can help reduce sadness, irritability and worry.

The Stand Alone Pledge helps institutions to tailor their work to support estranged students as fully as possible, taking the areas which have the strongest effect on their learning experience and general wellbeing into account. It also puts focus on developing outreach and transition at committed institutions, making links with foster homes, homeless shelters and local charities, so potential applicants know the right support is available to them.

Commenting on the pledge, Professor Linda Drew, Director said: “I am delighted to be able to announce our support to the Stand Alone Pledge, not least because studies have shown students on creative courses are more likely than average to be estranged from their families. We wanted to be a part of the Stand Alone Pledge because at Ravensbourne we demonstrate our value to be inclusive by having a strong tradition of commitment to WP and Access. As a result, our Student Services aim to ensure all students have access to the same high quality education, regardless of circumstances or lack of familial support.”

If you, or anyone you know is facing related-issues, contact Anita Bailey, Finance Support and Accomodation Coordinator to find out more about Ravensbourne's work in this area.

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