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20 Apr 2017

Design products student awarded paid placement with Marks and Spencer

William Richards, a second year BA (Hons) Design Products student has been awarded a three month paid placement with the Marks & Spencer (M&S) Packaging Technology Team, after being chosen as the winner of the annual Ravensbourne, M&S project which entered its 8th year this year.

The project is a part of the “Industry Practice” unit of the product design curriculum, where the students are set four briefs around packaging concepts to combat issues with delivery, food waste, freshness and representation of quality.

The students were split into four groups, allocated one brief per group and also asked to select one of their choice. Five students were shortlisted, Nick Grafakos, Sarah Saggiante Roldan, William Richards, Andrew Davis, Takumi Naka. William was chosen as the winner by a panel consisting of Ravensbourne and Marks & Spencer staff after designing packaging for charcuterie and flowers.

William said: “I am thrilled to have won the Marks & Spencer placement and cannot wait to get started in the summer. I know the placement will benefit me hugely and provide me with industry experience and knowledge in designing consumer packaging.

I found this project extremely useful, it was great learning about the different stages of packaging design, from sourcing materials, manufacturing, transport, handling, ethics of sustainability and finally the way consumers interact with the packaging alongside how they perceive it.”

Kevin Vyse, Senior Packaging Technologist said: “These types of collaboration are vital if the students want to learn from the real world to get themselves ready for future employment.

“Marks and Spencer have found the collaboration on the annual student project stimulating and encouraging. We value the process of seeing students develop and react to a live brief.

“Thank you Ravensbourne for the opportunity.”


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