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30 Nov 2016

Graduation 2016 sees 588 students graduating

Jasmine Evans

This year, Graduation was for the first time held in the Old Royal Naval College, with 588 students graduating.

Graduation saw over 61% of students awarded a 2:1 or above with degrees in a range of subjects including, architecture, design practice, fashion, media content and production.

The graduates had their degrees awarded by Ravensbourne Director Professor Linda Drew.

Linda said: “A huge thanks to our staff, governors, the wider academic community, partners and Councillor Olu Babatola, Mayor of Greenwich for attending Graduation and supporting Ravensbourne and our students.”

She gave this advice to graduates: “I hope this is not the end of your journey with Ravensbourne but the beginning of a new one.

“We want to know how your life as a Ravensbourne graduate flourishes. Some of you will have fame bestowed upon you, some will succeed in other ways, whatever happens, be assured, Ravensbourne will always be here to continue to support you as a member of the alumni community.”

Amongst those graduating were:

Tony Longe 
Tony joined Ravensbourne on a foundation course after his undergraduate application was rejected. Determined not to fail Tony gained the skills and qualifications needed to progress and began studying BA (Hons) Digital Film Production. 

Tony and his colleagues went on to raise £20,000 for their final major project film 'Mockingbird' which follows the journey of a 10 year old boy as he learns what it means to be man.

Tony said: “My time at Ravensbourne was very challenging but also extremely rewarding.

“Ravensbourne is full of opportunities, it allowed me to meet gifted students with skills that I was able to integrate into my work. I also took part in extra courses which gave me a new insight into my industry. “

Charlotte Regan
Charlotte also enrolled onto our BA (Hons) Digital Film Production course.

As a part of Charlotte’s final major project she produced her film ‘Standby’ which was selected to be showcased at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the largest film festivals in the world!

Charlotte said: “Ravensbourne was incredible, I met people I hope to work with for a long time. They will be a constant source of inspiration as they were such a talented group of people.”

Jessica Kelly
Jessica joined Ravensbourne on our BA (Hons) Digital Photography course as she was impressed by it's industry led nature and the accessibility of our photography kit.

Jessica's final major project ‘Boys’, a series of portraits of men who work in London’s sex industry was awarded Student Spotlight winner in Magnum’s Photography Awards and came second in the International Photography Awards. The series was also selected for the Association of Photographers Award exhibition, The Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition and the Portrait Salon show.

Jessica said: “The Digital photography course at Ravensbourne has 100% helped me prepare for my time after graduation. I felt excited, confident and hopeful once my time at Ravensbourne had come to an end which I know is because of how supportive the tutors are, how much I had learnt and experienced but most of all because of my degree, I knew I had the skills and knowledge to step into the industry and get paid doing what I love, photography.” 

Stefan J Ferrol, Students’ Union President and BA (Hons) Digital Film graduate congratulated fellow graduates on their achievements and shared a quote from Philanthropist, Earl Bakken:

“By all reckoning, the bumblebee is aerodynamically unsound and shouldn’t be able to fly. Yet, the little bee gets those wings going like a turbo-jet and flies to every plant its chubby little body can land on to collect all the nectar it can hold.

“Bumblebees are the most persistent creatures. They don’t know they can’t fly, so they just keep buzzing around. Like the lowly bumblebee, honoured graduates, never give in to pessimism. Don’t know that you can’t fly, and you will soar like an eagle.”

Stefan added: “Today is the culmination of our hard work, of our persistence, of our dreams and aspirations. Today we all deserve to be proud.

“The past three years have been filled with growth and change as we build towards the next chapter of our lives. Use the skills you’ve gained and the life lessons you’ve learnt, to continue your journey of growth and exploration.”

We would still love to see your Graduation photos. Post them on social media using the #IamRavensbourne.

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