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16 Feb 2016

Ravensbourne graduate wins Young Filmmaker Prize 2015

Ravensbourne graduate Thomas Bryan has won the Young Filmmaker Prize in the 2015 Living with Alzheimer’s film competition for his film “Don’t You Forget”.

Thomas’ film has been described as an ‘invaluable contribution to the world of dementia and caregiving’.

Thomas’ film was inspired his own experiences with his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's and his grandmother with dementia. Thomas wanted to create a story that reflected how it had affected and shaped his life. Writer Kashman Harris took these events and sculpted them into a story.

“Across ten days, I had the help of one of the finest most compassionate crews I've ever had the pleasure of being involved with,” said Thomas, “They gave me so much and without them I wouldn't have this film to show. It was one of the best, most outrageous, party-fuelled productions I've ever worked on, and I've not been on another quite like it.”

The film was intended to give insight into what it's like dealing with the disease and to raise more awareness for those facing this battle with little knowledge or support.

Thomas explains, “So little is really known or understood about the disease and the effects it has on those having to cope with it on a daily basis either suffering from it themselves, or who have friends and family suffering.”

Watch now: Don’t You Forget

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 Dont You Forget

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