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23 Sep 2015

Ravensbourne and Raindance

Ravensbourne alumnus Veemsen Lama’s film ‘Maya’ is set to feature in the Raindance film festival.

Maya Raindance

Veemsen’s film is based on true events and was inspired by a trip to Nepal two years ago. Reflecting on the experience Veemsen said; “I took a picture of kids sleeping with the dogs in the streets of Kathmandu. That picture made me make this film from my heart not from my mind."

The former Gurkha soldier left the armed forces and enrolled at Ravensbourne to study for his BA (Hons) in Digital Film Production. During his final year, he led a filming team of five Ravensbourne students, all of whom travelled to Nepal in order to shoot this moving film.

'Maya' features three young children who are forced to live on the streets in Kathmandu and work at a brick factory to survive. Their dream is to build a home of their own with the bricks they make.

We have submitted in some renowned festivals around the world and we are thrilled that BAFTA qualified film festival Raindance officially selected our film.

Veemsen is currently working freelance in the film industry while focusing on the pre-production of his first feature film, set to be shot on location in Nepal early next year.

The world premiere of ‘Maya’ will be held the Vue Cinema, Piccadilly, London. Find out more about how you can watch ‘Maya’.

Bhim _Photos _Nepal _66We asked Digital Film Production Course Leader, Garth Twa, for his thoughts on the team’s achievement and the success of ‘Maya’ as a project.

“It's been incredibly rewarding and inspiring to watch the team develop their skills and hone their talents over the years they've been with us. Their collaboration on ‘Maya’ brought out the best from them, as they put their formidable technical prowess to bear on a story that proved as devastatingly impactful as it was beautiful. They brought their hearts to the project, and it shows.”

“From the earliest stages it was evident that ‘Maya’ was going to be an important project; not just as the culmination of all of their [Veemsen, Tom, Tayo, and Arran's] burgeoning talent and skills that they've developed over their years with us, but that they found a story that was powerful and personal, a film from the heart. Months of planning--travel arrangements, liaisons on the ground in Katmandu, getting equipment halfway around the world--went into the film, and the crew never balked or flinched once. They had a clarity of purpose: to make Maya a film that would move audiences, and affect change. They have succeeded, and we are incredibly proud of them.”

“Veemsen, Tom, Tayo, Arran have always impressed us with their originality, their hard work, and their natural talents, but with 'Maya' they have done their best work yet. Easily it's the most ambitious final year film we've ever had at Ravensbourne, with many months of intense planning in order to take a crew and equipment halfway around the world to shoot in an ancient and beautiful World Heritage Site. But even with the expansive scope of the film, they never lost sight of the heart of the project, the small and simple story of homeless youths struggling to survive in a harsh world.”

Find out more about ‘Maya’.

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