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20 Jul 2015

Postgraduate success

The Department of Postgraduate Studies is celebrating the success of two of its students, Samira Allaouat and Ana Mickovia, both of whom showcased their work at the recent UTOPIA exhibition.

Samira Allaouat,  MA Moving Image - Sound Installation

Samira's Sound Installation will be shown as part of Hackoustic's programme for the Turbine Festival at Tate Modern on 25 July. 

Her installation explores the idea of a future in which the resources that are taken for granted as part of contemporary life may no longer exist. The installation fuses mechanical elements and electronics. It proposes collaborations between the human and the natural world so that these can coexist and support each other. Light theremins and LEDs use electricity coming directly from a plant battery, and the mechanical core is a gramophone activated by manually generated power. Acoustic amplification horns are based on organic origami structures.

Ana Mickovic, MA Fashion - Good Vibrations - a collection of garments based on crystals. Applying the Energy of Crystals and Chakras in Fashion.

Ana has been offered an internship at the Fashion House of Vivienne Westwood.

Ana writes of her interest in crystals as her source of inspiration for the collection:

"All things in the universe are forms of energy and have their own resonance and effect on the environment. This includes crystals. This concept is at the heart of why crystals and stones are still used today to align, heal and alter the vibration of body cells or chakras."

"Crystals and stones have particular qualities and their geometrical construction has been a key focus of my interest. They have influenced the process of shaping and manipulating my garments and the fabrics I have used. The embellishments on the garments relate directly to these natural elements and reference chakras as a means of promoting health and well-being.

"I wanted to show in my “Good Vibrations” collection that fashion has the power to change moods and emotions."

Congratulations to both Samira and Ana on their fantastic achievements.

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