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11 May 2015

Leica workshop

Hosted by the Leica Akademie, London W1

In March 2015 a group of Ravensbourne’s Digital Photography students took part in a workshop with Robin Sinha from Leica Akademie and VII Photo contributor Jocelyn Bain Hogg. This is a continuation of the close relationship with Leica that Digital Photography at Ravensbourne has been developing in recent years. The prestigious German camera manufacturer builds the camera of choice for the committed photojournalist, be they working in a war zone or on the street.

Here at Ravensbourne we’ve seen a growing interest in photojournalism amongst students, so collaborating with Leica is a very natural progression and is a great benefit to students.
Julian Hawkins, Associate Senior Lecturer BA Digital Photography

Jocelyn Bain Hogg is a long term Leica user as well as a Leica workshop leader and a member of VII Photo in New York City. Additionally he’s passionate about drawing in the next generation of photographers and believes whole-heartedly in keeping the profession open to young people from all backgrounds rather than see it become exclusive as it formerly was. It was this that led him to launch Project Sea Change in 2014, taking a group of young international photographers and inviting each of them to document the youth of a European country in the wake of the financial crash. It is a work reminiscent of ‘A Day In The Life Of London’ by Red Saunders in 1983, as well as the FSA Photographers of the Roosevelt Administration in the USA.

The task Jocelyn set Ravensbourne students was to find as establishing shot, which had to feature a person at work. Students were then invited to explore relationships between their chosen subject and other people in the vicinity. Jocelyn commented that as a photographer you need to be prepared to steal pictures of your subjects – ‘just like an armed robber’. He also stressed the importance of taking pictures every day because practice hones your eye.

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