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11 May 2015

Design Bridge nominations

Ravensbourne students nominated for prestigious bursary scheme

For the second year running, Ravensbourne design students have been shortlisted for a bursary scheme run by the independent brand design agency, Design Bridge.

This year, Charles Hutchins and Janinina Petrylaite have been shortlisted for round one of the Design Bridge bursary scheme 2015. The scheme grants opportunities for talented design students across the UK to compete for an undergraduate scholarship, work placement and career opportunity within the agency. Design Bridge  is an independent brand design agency with offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Fahud Ahmed Design Bridge Bursary

In 2014, Fahud Amhed (pictured right), a BA (Hons) in Motion Graphics student, competed for the bursary and won. The third-year student says, “Myself and the 3 other shortlisted students, who competed for the bursary, all participated in the internship process for 4 weeks last summer and I was actually awarded the £9,000 and offered an 18-month employment contract as a Junior Designer.”

Tell us more, how did it feel to know you’d been shortlisted?

I was overwhelmed when Design Bridge shortlisted me to the final 4 and left speechless when they awarded me the bursary! They truly believed in me and I am so thankful to them for this opportunity.

What is the agency like?

Design Bridge are more than just an incredible branding agency, they are a company filled with enthusiastic characters that love what they do. From the moment I stepped foot in the door, the great sense of humour and friendly atmosphere made me feel at home. There is a real buzz that flows throughout the building, and you feed off that every day.

Did the bursary really make a difference?

The bursary had a significant impact in my life. Prior to the internship I worked extremely hard to pay off the first 2 years of tuition fees myself, but the bursary left me debt free before graduating. Then, being offered an 18-month contract after graduation really eased the pressure.

What was the best part of the experience?

Opportunities like these can change a graduate’s life, and it really has done. The greatest part was working in the exciting Realisation team, and being able to get my teeth into live client briefs and part of global projects for brands such as KFC, Cadbury’s and TNT. The experience was exceptional; you really do understand the reference ‘work hard and play harder’ once you experience life as part of the Design Bridge family.

Any advice to the other Ravensbourne nominees nominated for the scheme?

You won’t be treated like an ‘intern’, you are seen as part of the team immediately. My advice is to just be yourself because they are all about great personalities who love what they do.

Try to stand out amongst the other interns, you have to go above and beyond what is expected from you. I constantly tried to over-achieve in the assigned projects to show that I had more to give and they recognised that passion. I wish the best of luck to the Ravensbourne Students who have been shortlisted for the interview stage this year.

How do you think your course has helped you?

The BA (Hons) in Motion Graphics course has given me a diverse insight into new areas in the design industry and live-brief projects. The CMI competition, which I won, were brilliant opportunities to gain confidence in my technical design skills and explore new areas. During my 3 years at Ravensbourne, Liz has been a supporting figure during my studies and I am truly grateful to her for helping me step out of my comfort zones and take on these opportunities'.

Liz Friedman, his subject leader says, "Fahud is an outstanding student and deserves this recognition. The Design Bridge is a fantastic place to work and we wish him the best of luck.''

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