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14 May 2015

D&AD New Blood Awards

Hugo van den Doel wins wooden pencil

On 7 May 2015 a Ravensbourne 3rd year Motion Graphics student, Hugo van den Doel,
won the wooden pencil in the D&AD New Blood Awards for capturing the spirit of VICE
UK’s ‘Rule Britannia’ in an ident.

The creative challenge was to create a 10-15 second interpretation of the spirit of VICE’s ‘Rule Britannia’ series in the form of a motion graphics ident. “I'm quite a fan of what the people at VICE are doing at the moment so as soon as I saw the brief, I was in,” reminisces Hugo.

UnnamedBorn and raised in Amsterdam, the Motion Graphics student has always been intrigued by well thought out designs with messages that might not be so apparent at a first glance but when looked at twice become that much more meaningful.

“As part of the course, we had the opportunity to enter one of the various design competitions,” says the student. “I looked at the different briefs and awards and personally found that the D&AD New Blood Pencil seemed like one of the most recognised awards.”

"Creatives over the world value the D&AD New Blood Awards above any other. Winning truly marks you out as one of the best. Your future starts here." D&AD, New Blood Awards

During high school, Hugo worked as a graphic designer in a web design company where he was in charge of creating logos, web pages and other types of graphic images. “Even though I enjoyed it and gathered a lot of experience from it, it became repetitive quickly,” recalls Hugo. “I realised I needed something with more possibilities, something more dynamic.”

Linked In 500pxThat's where studying Motion Graphics at Ravensbourne came in. After receiving his European Baccalaureate, Hugo was looking for a course of study where he could pursue his passion for design while being in a location full of opportunities. He decided to move to London and Ravensbourne just seemed the best choice. “When I saw what some of the motion artists were doing in movies and music videos, I got hooked and decided to give it a whirl.”

Hugo’s idea for VICE’s ‘Rule Britannia’ ident was to create a title sequence that would capture both the underground and satirical feeling of the series. He decided to take well known old paintings and give them a rebellious twist in Photoshop. This process can be seen in more depth here.

“The most challenging part was definitely making the modifications look as realistic as possible,” reports Hugo. “I wanted the sequence to look as if these could be original paintings and therefore had to try and blend everything with the style of the paintings. If something I wanted to add had so much detail that it couldn't have been painted by the contemporary artists, I had to carefully remove that detail and make it look as if it was hand painted.”

Screen -5

Once he was happy with the individual paintings Hugo composed everything together in a 3D software to be able to shoot all the shots that were needed for the final title sequence.

“I'm very happy with the competition outcome. It's my first big award and getting it while I haven't even really started my career motivates me to push myself further and jump into the professional world with a bit more confidence. Once I graduate, I'll probably be looking for a job in or around London. Having a D&AD Pencil will definitely help me kick start my career and hopefully give me better opportunities.”

There is still a chance for Hugo to win other pencils once all the briefs have been judged. We wish him best of luck with this and other career projects!

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