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12 Feb 2015

Passion for digital photography

MonikaMonika Bishwakarma, better known as Monika Bk, a 3rd-year student in BA (Hons) Digital Photography, has been selected by Metro Imaging to be their ambassador from Ravensbourne. This is an on-going programme offered to any educational establishment that wishes to participate and there are many benefits for the person selected, which include discounts across all Metro Imaging and Metro Print services, an invitation to spend a week with Metro working with technicians and printers, two portfolio and practice reviews by industry professionals, networking opportunities with other student ambassadors from other institutes, as well as a year-end group exhibition with other student ambassadors.

Although Monika has known about Metro Imaging for quite some time, she only got in touch with the company through her tutors who had organised a talk for Digital Photography students with Metro Imaging. The student ambassador programme was mentioned during the talk and Monika said she just had to take the opportunity! 

“It feels fantastic to know that I am the ambassador from Ravensbourne!” Monika said. “I am so glad to have this opportunity with Metro Imaging as it means I can get to learn from experts and really get an in-depth knowledge about the printing/display aspect which is obviously going to be an invaluable experience.”

Ravensbourne has been an absolutely beautiful experience for me. It's a place where there is always help and support around. This has helped me grow as a person as well as gain a lot of new skills in my own field of study, and because of the combined teaching with different courses it has also helped me to collaborate and learn skills from other areas as well.

Julian Hawkins, Associate Senior Lecturer in BA Digital Photography, comments: “Monika works with dedication and passion with her principal interest in fashion photography. Since her earliest days on the course she has been hungry to experiment and explore as many different lighting techniques as possible. She's keen to learn about her chosen industry, and actively networks and develops collaborative relationships with other industry professionals.”

Monika -Bk -4

Monika says she has always had a passion for taking photos. She particularly likes to photograph things that intrigue or mesmerise her. She knew early on that she wanted this as a career, but at first was unsure as to what area of photography she wanted to specialise in. “This is why the course BA (Hons) Digital Photography is perfect”, she said. “Through my briefs I have had a chance to work in all the different areas of photography. I now know that I enjoy fashion/portrait photography the most and have been practising this upon realisation.”

Ravensbourne was a lucky find. I actually hadn't heard of this institution until I knew I wanted to study in the creative field. I did my research and through surfing online I stumbled upon Ravensbourne. I came to an open day and was really mesmerised by the look of Ravensbourne itself, as well as the quality of the students’ work, which was the selling point for me and I immediately knew I wanted to study here!

Monika’s future plan is to freelance as well as work part-time in a studio. She wants to freelance because she wants the creative freedom and working for herself is something that she’s wanted to do for a long time. “No doubt this is going to be a challenge” she says. ”But it's a challenge I'm looking forward to! The Metro Imaging ambassador scheme will definitely help me with gaining the knowledge that I need to move forward as a freelancer.”

Monika Bk 2

All images courtesy Monika Bk.

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