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13 Jan 2015

Tine Bechs work displayed at Canary Wharf

The work of a Ravensbourne lecturer, Tine Bech, is currently on display at Canary Wharf, together with displays prepared by 10 other artists from 9 countries. The exhibition represents an array of spectacular illuminations throughout Canary Wharf. This interactive display includes sculptures, lasers, projections and digital art from a variety of artists such as UK artist Stephen Newby, Cédric Le Borgne from France, German design duo Heidi and Bernd Spiecker and Hungarian born artist Bálint Bolygó.


Tine’s exhibit is titled On The Bridge. The work was originally shown on a 70 meter long bridge into the city hall in Reykjavik as part of a local light festival in February 2014.

Tine Bech is an artist and researcher working with interactive installations and public art. Her artwork and research combines sculpture, installation and interactive design and is concerned with experience creation and the dialogue of interaction that is enacted between artwork and audience. To learn more visit Tine's website.

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