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23 Jan 2015

Ravensbourne students' contribution

CBL LogoTom Neish and Jay Salomon, a recent graduate and a current student on the BA (Hons) Digital Film Production course, have been instrumental in the creation and launch of Creative Business Leaders, a peer to peer learning environment designed to inspire current and future leaders in the creative industries to be better business people. With the help of the Industry Opportunity Team at Ravensbourne, the students were approached by Gordon Christiansen who was, at that stage, looking to recruit two students to help film content for the website.

We knew we needed quality videographers for our project. Where better to go than Ravensbourne? My daughter Sophie, who is a Ravensbourne graduate, connected me with Jo Eaton, Industry Liaison Coordinator. The alumni system worked perfectly.

“Gordon approached us with the idea of getting Ravensbourne film makers involved in creating the content for the new site”, said Jo. “We advertised the opportunity, and Jay and Tom were selected for their professional manner and excellent filming skills”. The students have produced an amazing amount of professional work for Creative Business Leaders. They have been instrumental in not only providing excellent videography skills but also when collaborating closely on art direction and when providing vital feedback on the founders’ potential 'client' expectations.

The idea originated as Gordon and a co-founder, Susanna Simpson, wanted to give back to creative industries. “We want to motivate current and future leaders in the creative industries to open and run great businesses”, said Gordon. “If we help them solve problems or become more successful because of our content, we 'win'.”

The Creative Business Leaders website is an excellent resource for all Ravensbourne students and graduates to learn more about the leaders of our industry and understand how they got to the top of their game. Ravensbourne have added the link to our new careers resources page, The Ravensbourne Insights, which is being launched on the Ravensbourne website on Monday, 2 February 2015.

Gordon and Susanna hope that the site and its content prove engaging enough that people spread the word. They invite the readers to register for email updates (it’s free), check out the videos, tweet and hopefully learn from the creative industry leaders.

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Gordon and Susanna, Founders of Creative Business Leaders

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