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19 Jan 2015

From the Kings Road to Lisbon

A Ravensbourne third-year Architecture student, Milly Wood, has won a competition to design an art installation in an interior design office on the Kings Road. The competition was open to 3rd year Ravensbourne students, and was run by Lawson Robb, an interior design company. It was first judged by the company directors.

Page 1Milly’s installation takes on the symbol of the paper crane as a means of conveying movement and the notion of sharing ideas within creative industries. The installation is designed to be interacted with so that viewers are able to add their own hand-made cranes and as time passes the artwork will continue to change. Milly developed prototypes for the installation at Ravensbourne using our prototyping facilities. Visitors to Ravensbourne may have seen the initial design for the paper cranes that were hung up near the staff office on Level 9 during the Autumn term.

In Milly’s words, the competition “has been a great opportunity as the design that we proposed had to work both artistically and structurally. The site is quite difficult to work with, as it is suspended in a pitched roof and so each group had to find an innovative way of using the space.”  Milly commented that winning the project will really help to strengthen her portfolio when it comes to looking for jobs this year. It also helps to show a range of large-scale work.

Although I am studying architecture a lot of my interests lie in sculptural artwork, I feel that the two are closely connected. It is not always easy to draw a line between two disciplines.

Milly hopes to install her work early this year and has been awarded £1,000 to realise this design. It is a very busy time at the moment, with 3rd year projects and the upcoming Degree Show, but Milly feels really excited by the available opportunities. She is especially happy to be able to build this art installation and hopes it is the first of many.

Other students whose work was also shortlisted in the competition included: Fohel Ali and Salma Nazmin, Alicia Moore, Doyin Adebayo, Christianne Saitine, Khalida Ahmed and Pranesha Patel.

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In addition to this, Milly has also won a place with the British Council to go out to Lisbon in mid-January to represent Ravensbourne and the Institute of Ideas at the Creative Hubs Forum, the first initiative of this kind aimed at over 200 creative hub managers from across the EU. The forum has been launched to empower hub managers through providing practical information and case studies. While in Lisbon Milly had the opportunity to meet with hub managers from all over Europe to talk about the live projects that Ravensbourne students have been undertaking in recent years and to learn how our institution may be able to further strengthen our links with industry and promote collaboration.

IMG_20150113_184740_1The Institute of Ideas is a society shared by the architecture and interiors courses and members use it as a way of promoting our lectures and sharing live projects. At the Creative Hubs Forum Milly was able to meet people working with similar organisations and learned about how they function and promote themselves. She hopes that now, having attended the event, she will be able to encourage further links with industry for Ravensbourne.

“I was really honoured to have been selected by the British Council to attend this event,” said Milly. “I feel that it shows great promise for Ravensbourne and the Institute of Ideas, and how we may be able to develop even more in the future.” Having attended the hubs forum, Milly was impressed with Lisbon, which she experienced as a really up and coming creative capital city.

The student was able to learn a lot about how successful hubs from the UK and Europe are running and dealing with the management of projects as well as the more difficult subjects like who should take the responsibility for a project or event when it goes wrong. The hubs forum also gave Milly a chance to learn about how people in the UK may be able to join with hubs or collaborative groups in other countries to help form a global 'network' of creative industries. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to hear more about the roles of the British Council and the Arts Council and the support that they are giving to start ups and entrepreneurs in the collaborative creative sectors.

I think Ravensbourne is a great place to study with amazing facilities and links, and I was excited to be promoting this at an international event.

IMG_20150114_152537_1The thing that Milly loves most about Ravensbourne is the exposure to industry. “During my time here I have been able to attend a number of global architecture and design events and meet with experts in my field. I've been out to the World Architecture Festival in Singapore twice now and I love the feel of the event,” she commented. “It’s really exciting to participate in such events as you get to see the best architecture and interior projects from around the world and speak to the people behind those designs.” So as soon as Milly learned about the competition through which she could participate in the Creative Hubs Forum in Lisbon she knew it would be a great opportunity to meet other creatives from the UK and abroad, and to learn from them.

We are proud of Milly's successes and congratulate her on her achievements!


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