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01 Dec 2014

Course of the Month Motion Graphics

BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

Oliver Johnson, 20, is a third year BA (Hons) Motion Graphics student and also Vice President of Rave Snow. Before coming to Ravensbourne, Oliver went to Joseph Wright College in Derby studying Creative Media Production in Television and Film. 

How did you hear about Ravensbourne? Oliver Johnson profile picture
I overheard one of my college lecturers speaking about Ravenbourne's reputation and of a past student of hers that came here.

Why did you choose to do this course at Ravensbourne?
Out of all the courses I looked at around the UK I felt that Ravensbourne had the best opportunities and potential to turn my interest in Motion Graphics into a career.

What do you like most about Ravensbourne?
One of the best things about Ravensbourne is definitely the facilities, we have great resources and equipment available to us as students, it's even better equipped than some professional studios and agencies I've visited. Also, with being a relatively small institution, it's very easy to get to know everyone on your course and on the other courses -  a lot of people quickly become familiar faces.

How do you like the teachers, resources, support, facilities?
The teachers are great, they have first-hand industry experience and take a genuine interest in helping you out and providing feedback on projects.

The amount of equipment and resources available to us as students is fantastic. Equipment for all kinds of projects is readily available as well as specialist rooms kitted out for the needs of certain courses.

What opportunities have you had here that you don't think you'd of got in other places?
I don't think I would have gotten half the opportunities I have had if I had not come to Ravensbourne. Through my course (and my tutors) I've worked with real clients and freelanced while studying with OgilvyOne and plenty of others. This is something that is extremely important as it is preparation for when I graduate and need to go into the professional world.

I've also been lucky enough to have internship opportunities, I was selected to take part in the Barclays summer design internship and spent 3 months at Barclays as part of the design team, working on real products and helping to shape digital products that have an actual impact on the bank.

I have also just started another internship at Someone/Else a London based user experience agency, which I came across through my tutor.

Oliver Johnson COM feature

What are your proudest moments here?
I've had a lot of proud moments here: completing live briefs, and working in a high-pressure environment (such as Barclays) where the quality of my work was positively compared to those received by professional agencies.

I'd say another of my proudest moments is still happening as I'm Vice-President of the snow society, Rave Snow. The society run yearly ski and snowboard trips and since we have taken over this year we have already sold more than 4 times as many places on the trip than were sold last year.

What work placement are you hoping to get?
I am hoping to get more placements or internships in different kinds of environments and companies that require creative motion graphics work, I want to explore as many options as I can before graduating so I can discover where I would fit in best and what I would enjoy most in the professional industry.

I have also kept in touch with the team I worked with at Barclays and hope to keep a good relationship with the team at SomeOne/Else.

How do you think this course will help you in the future?
As I said previously I believe the opportunities this course has presented me with has helped me develop skills and qualities essential for working in the industry and given me the opportunity to make great professional contacts.

Going back to the Snow Society, What's that all about? 
Rave Snow is all about bringing people who love snowsports together and letting people know what they're missing. Getting everyone involved whether they've never skied/boarded a day in their life or whether they've been out to the mountains every year of their life since they could walk.

We run socials, lessons, indoor ski slope sessions and two trips a year. We are also part of London Snow Op, a group of 7 different university snow societies from around London and we put our numbers together to get the best deals and biggest trips we possibly can.

Rave Snow Booking Page Banner

The society has been running since 2011 but the new committee (took over May 2014) rebranded the whole image of the society. We are longer Ravensbourne Snow Society now it's just Rave Snow, we've given it a more memorable name and completely revamped the logo and image of the society.

Being involved as the Vice President has been great, snowsports is one of the most social activities you'll find, especially within the uni scene. We've met a crazy amount of people from other societies and through the tour operators and companies we work so closely with. We've had the opportunities to go out on ski trips and networking weekends to meet the captains of other snow societies across the UK, getting to know each other, making contacts, sharing sponsors and networking.

Amazing things happen here