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31 Oct 2014

Students third in fencing competition

Fencing Joanna and Tom

Congratulations to Joanna Ng and Tom Drew who secured the 3rd place in the Leon Paul Novice Open fencing competition held on Saturday 18 October 2014.

Joanna and Tom, both in their 3rd year of BA (Hons) IDEAs, are thrilled about this achievement. “It feels very good to see the results after a year and a half of training,” said Joanna. “We are proud to have represented the Ravensbourne team in the competition.”

The event was sponsored by Leon Paul, an international fencing equipment supplier. It was open to all those who hold a membership of the British Fencing Association. There were 30 participants whose age ranged from 13 to over 40, giving the competition a real diverse range of skills and mind sets. 

The students commented that Ravensbourne has been a pathway which has offered different opportunities to enhance their experience, not only academically but also within their chosen field of interest. In Joanna’s words, “Ravensbourne has been a great learning experience and a delightful environment to work in”.

“Ravensbourne is a friendly environment where collaboration is always on the table and where we are free to explore not only our course but other disciplines too.”

In the future, the students are considering working in practices, maybe even completing an MA course at Ravensbourne. But, they say, “Ravensbourne has opened up so many options it is hard to pick!”

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