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20 Oct 2014

Student wins Canon 'Best Shot Award'

Katie Holt profile Canon Best Shot Award

Katie Holt, a BA (Hons) Digital Photography student at Ravensbourne, has won the Canon Best Shot Award. The ‘Shoot the Show’ competition was held by Canon at the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend in September 2014.

The competition gives photographers a chance to experience working in the photographers pit on the catwalk. To enter participants had to submit 10 images, 5 from each of the 2 shows they attend.

‘We had to submit these images within 50 minutes of leaving the show’, said Katie ‘which did cause massive panic with everyone running to the nearest WiFi hot spot and choosing their best shots’. She then added, ‘On the catwalk it really is so fast pace, you have no time to think about what your next shot may be, the models are only on the catwalk for roughly 30 seconds per outfit, so I just kept changing my angles and using the outfits colours and contrast to try and get the best shots.’

Katie said she had never shot on the catwalk before, so when she found out she had won she was so thrilled, she almost couldn’t believe it. ‘I was so stressed on the day with worry and there were so many other photographers there in the pit, that it really is such a huge compliment to have won this. It’s a real achievement for me.’

Ravensbourne is an inspiring place for any budding creative, as all the courses encourage collaboration across all the creative disciplines.

Currently in her second year at Ravensbourne, Katie particularly enjoys the photography projects, which she always finds interesting. ‘We are always advised and allowed to use the studios around the uni for both projects and personal work which really helps to build your portfolio and confidence’, she said. 

This is the second consecutive year whereRavensbourne's photography students have won the Canon Best Shot award. Last year, the award went to Max Jowitt. Read more....

All photos attributed to Katie Holt.

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