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12 Aug 2014

NSS Results 2014

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Ravensbourne is committed to providing an excellent student experience and have been working closely with the student body over the past years to look at how we can improve their experience at Ravensbourne.

Although our overall rating remains relatively the same, we are pleased to see significant improvement in a number of areas and that the trend is toward attaining better results year on year:

  • We have performed better in 20 out of 22 questions since last year
  • Access to General IT rose 15% this year, and Learning Resources similarly rose 13% up to 80% in student satisfaction
  • Academic Support, Assessment and Feedback and Accessibility of Staff all rose 10%
  • Several of our courses also saw significant improvement, with fashion in particular achieving 93% - an increase of 55% over prior year.

Professor Robin Baker, Director and CEO of Ravensbourne, commented on the NSS results: “We are working very closely with all our stakeholders to continue the process of getting better results every year. There is clearly still more to be done, but we are pleased to see an upward trend and will be continuing to focus our efforts on further improvements over the next year.”

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