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21 Jul 2014

Wearable technology goes global

Last month, Valentina Chinnici, Support Engineer for Learning Innovation at Ravensbourne, conducted two interactive workshops, in Paris and Barcelona. Ravensbourne created the courses and activities to promote wearable technology and to build external collaborations and partnerships.


The aim of each of these wearable workshops, which were collaboration between Ravensbourne and littleBits, was to create an interactive t-shirt, while at the same time learning some basics about circuits and electronics. Designed with children in mind, the technology in use (littleBits™, pre-programmed circuit boards, as well as electric paint as wellas Bare Conductive an electric paint) helps to understand how to create a low-tech interactive garment.

Maker Faire Paris


Maker Faire Paris took place on the 21 and 22 June. It is the world’s biggest atelier focusing on creativity, fabrication and the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ movement. It is an event for the adepts of technology, craftsmen, educators, inventors, engineers, writers, artists, students, as well as commercial exhibitors. While in Paris, Valentina was accompanied by a 3rd-year student in Fashion, Audrey Rannou. Having participated in the Faire, Valentina commented: ‘Audrey and I enjoyed the Maker Faire Paris, and the children were enthusiastic while taking part in our workshop’. More than 130 makers took part in the event, with approximately 60 stands set up at the venue.


The Fab Festival

The Fab Festival took place in Barcelona. The event, focused on digital fabrication and Fab Labs, was open to the public during the weekend of the 5 and 6 July. It gathered members of the International Fab Lab Community, together with the innovative local community and the general public. Contributors held creative workshops, conferences and events for all ages.


The aim of these events is to promote the Maker culture, with a stress on emerging technologies such as wearables, among children and adults. Ravensbourne would like to become a reference for the international community of learners interested in exploring creative connections among different creative disciplines, and in particular, aims to play an active part of the debate about digital fabrication and education. Ravensbourne is one of the few institutions using such tools to bring technology as a playful creative way to learn.

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