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09 Jul 2014

Talent Recognised

Interview with Eden Loweth

Eden is in constant motion. Although he has only finished his first year of study at Ravenbourne, he is a familiar figure in the building. He was a core part of the Degree Show team, and also won a prestigious award for a 12-month work placement at Warehouse.

Eden Loweth

Q: What does it mean to you to win this 12-month work placement at Warehouse?

E: Winning the Warehouse competition gives me a fantastic opportunity to gain further insight into the industry, especially within the High Street sector. It also acts as verification that my work is appealing to the industry.

Q: Describe your Ravensbourne experience; how would you describe Ravensbourne to someone who might be interested in the Fashion courses?

E:Studying in London at Ravensbourne really allows you to explore who you are both as a creative and as an individual, this evolves the way you dress, work and think creatively. The fantastic industry links and working environment also allows you to get the most you can out of the course.

“Ravensbourne is a forward thinking university that allows students to really get the most they can from their course and living in the capital. Lecturers encourage independent learning, with fantastic facilities enabling this easily.”

Q: What made you choose Ravensbourne?

Eden and Yiorgos

E: Ravensbourne appealed to me both for its prestigious reputation within the fashion industry and the incredible facilities offered to students at its campus. The opportunity to get instant access to Digital Printers, Laser Cutters, 3D Printers and much more is integral in developing as a designer.

Q: What are your future plans?

E: I would like to progress onto an MA after I graduate with the end goal of having my own label where I can divide my time between a studio in London and a studio in the highlands of Scotland where I can escape to be creative.

“Studying fashion at Ravensbourne has increased my confidence, given me belief in my work and widened my mind to what I can achieve”

Q: Can fashion and in that sense creativity cure peoples' crisis-generated depression?

E: I think fashion as well as creativity in general has the ability both to bring people together and to transform someone as a person. Speaking personally, studying fashion at Ravensbourne has increased my confidence, given me belief in my work and widened my mind to what I can achieve. 

Q: How would you define fashion? What does it mean to you?

E: Fashion is London. It's creative, ever changing, never boring. Multicultural and sexually open, fashion can change the way you think and evolve you both as a person and as a creative.

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