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10 Jul 2014

Spectacle of colours and talent at Ravensbourne

Postgraduate Degree Show

Last week Ravensbourne’s postgraduate students showcased how knowledge, innovative digital media and design thinking innovation blend to create useful solutions. During two days of their Degree Show, Ravensbourne’s Walker Space transformed into a cosmos of ideas through unique projects.


The show incorporated all postgraduate students’ talent and creativity. All different postgraduate courses had their fair share in this two-day spectacle featuring highlights ranging from new forms of fabrics to moving image illusion to kinetic lighting solutions.


Ravensbourne offers postgraduate degrees in Interactive Digital Media, Interactive Product FuturesApplied Technologies, Environment DesignFashion, Communication DesignBroadcast FuturesVisual Effects, Moving Image and 3D Stereoscopic Media, as well as Design Management Innovation, Service Design Innovation and Luxury Brand Management Innovation. The two-day event was open to the public from 10am-5pm, with private viewings in the evening for invited guests from the creative industries, as well as friends and family.

The talented list included:

Vinh Vu: MSc Applied Technologies - Envy: 3D printed wearable men's shoes; Rose: 3d printed ankle shoes; Deco: 3D printed dress

Felipe Sheward: MSc Interactive Product Futures featuring the Kinetic lighting project

Robert Andre: MSc Interactive Product Futures featuring Omnipresent: communication in multisensory immersive virtual environments

Martha Agricola: MA Visual Effects & Junior Shava: MSc Applied Technologies featuring Little Logo project

Rachit Sud: MA/MSc Moving Image featuring In state of being... Transient project

Anshley Dindoyal: MSc 3D Stereoscopic Media featuring the optical illusion The Levitating Buddha

Agata Grafa: MA Moving Image featuring The beauty of production

Rachel Sier: MA Visual Effects featuring The town of our live

Minwoo Han: MA Moving Image featuring the Authentic Beauty

Aida Kromelyte: MA Visual Effects featuring the Medical Visualisation

Utkarsh Bhandari: MA Communication Design featuring #Meaning Yeah But Still

Tapas Sharma: MA Communication Design featuring a live National Trust Campaign

Eui Jin: MA Communication Design featuring Fusion Art: photography + graphic drawing

Maria Poimenidou: MA Fashion featuring Premium Fashion through technology- footwear

Anna-Carin Jonsson: MA Fashion featuring the innovative Static Movement

Amazing things happen here