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17 Jun 2014

We're off to Paris

Two Ravensbourne students have been awarded the UK ArtScience Prize in London and will attend a week-long innovation workshop in Paris at Le Laboratoire.

Next stop Paris students

Michael Bailey and Jack Carr, who are both studying on the Pre Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, have been representing Ravensbourne in the competition as Team Aspire.

UK ArtScience Prize is a worldwide scheme through which students develop innovative art and design ideas informed by concepts at the frontiers of modern science. ‘ArtScience Prize was piloted in the UK last year with Ravensbourne and the Landau Forte School in Derby, in association with the Derby Silk Mill’, explains Ana Vicente, Pathway Leader for the Pre Foundation Diploma Art & Design at Ravensbourne. ‘It went very well so we continued running it this year.’

At Ravensbourne the competition is run as the Final Major Project for the UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Pre Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. This year’s challenge was presented to students as a brief with the title Energy of the Future. Students had to collaborate using creative thinking and bold imagination. Michael and Jack have put their skills and strengths together to achieve winning results. While Michael enjoys the film and animation aspect of the project and he also enjoys the advertisement and graphics, Jack focuses on the 3D modelling side of the project and helps to market the product with posters.

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The students visited the Derby Silk Mill where pupils from the Landau Forte School who were also taking part in the competition with the same brief. ‘Their main focus was the science aspect, whereas ours was the design side’, says Jack. ‘This was a great way of sharing ideas.’ While in Derby, the students also met professional designers and scientists who inspired them to excel their ideas to the final outcome.

From a total of 18 teams in the UK, two teams have been selected to attend a week-long innovation workshop in Paris at Le Laboratoire; one team from Derby and one team from Ravensbourne. The workshop in Paris will bring all the selected teams together, both from the UK and from abroad, to develop and refine their ideas further and present them again to the public.

The students are delighted that they won and say that it was a great experience to participate in the competition. ‘Paris will be full of workshops and lectures with designers and professional people’, says Michael. ‘We will also get the chance to work with designers and engineers to make our idea come to life.’


The students are preparing for Paris by focusing on what needs improving most about their idea. For example the science and mechanisms of their designs need a lot of work. Therefore they have chosen to work with an engineer in Paris, so their idea can actually be made possible if it was ever made.

‘Ravensbourne was very supportive along the way with weekly tutorials on how our project was doing’, adds Michael. ‘Tutors were on hand to give constructive criticism and feedback on our ideas.’ The students are grateful to the tutors at Ravensbourne for their support and guidance with using software. Michael was particularly inspired by Chris, a tutor who has taught the student some basic skills of editing with which he could work on his animation. Jack and Michael would also like to thank Ana for her continuous support and feedback in the course. They are grateful to the ArtScience Prize mentors for their continued support and great workshops, and also for their invaluable project feedback which gave them a lot more to think about. Finally, they would like to thank Jo Fairfax, a designer who took interest in their idea at Derby and gave the students some great pointers, which ultimately turned into the inspiration to excel the idea to its final outcome.

Michael and Jack hope to continue with the project in the future and keep adding to the design and continuously developing the idea, as they believe the design has endless possibilities. They aim to continue to develop the final piece into another resolved outcome, which will then be presented to the public along with the other groups from around the world. When asked about any advice for those who may like to take part in the competition next year, their advice is for the students to ‘be prepared for ideas to take a rollercoaster ride and always focus on one goal, and with this you can Aspire to be the best!’

A video capturing the energy of the 2014 edition of the UK ArtScience Prize is available here.

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