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19 Jun 2014

The Degree Show 2014: Fashion Lookbook

Test Lookbook

Editor's note: 

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Thesis collections are not just epilogues for yet another chapter, nor are they only milestones or simply displays of graduate designers’ abilities. They are the visualisations of the journey as much the destination; the inspirations, as well the aspirations. Within every page and stitch is a personal commentary and narrative; a diary of our final year and the conclusion of our time at Ravensbourne.

Like many before us, we have continued Ravensbourne’s digitally focused heritage by creating prints with mesmerising colours and illusory effects as well as pushing the boundaries of our industry with 3D printing. Nevertheless, our class has also demonstrated that despite the strong digital emphasis of our tutelage, we understand the importance of synthesizing two seemingly opposing elements – modern experimentation with traditional artisanal techniques – which has resulted in stunning creations.

The relevance of this combination not only advocates Ravensbourne’s innovative direction but proves that we, as individuals, are driven to seek and learn more about the world that surrounds us. As a collective, our work is a reflection of how a diverse group merges their different personal experiences under the same tutelage to produce intimate statements as designers. And so, the graduating class of 2014 would like to remind everyone that as we join our fellow alumni, our collections do not only show what we can do but who we are and who we wish to become. 

Yeva Tang 2014

BA (Hons) Fashion student

Downloadable pdf: Look book

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