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25 Jun 2014

Film Score Live A unique experience

:A unique experience!

On Tuesday 17 June, as part of the Degree Show 2014 Ravensbourne hosted an event produced by Luke William Hodsdon (below right) from the Sound Design course. Film Score Live was a performance involving the 30 piece Basement Orchestra performing scores written by Ravensbourne students, as well as two student films.

Luke William Hodsdon _Film Score Live Event

‘The initial idea came this time last year at the degree show.’ Said Luke. ‘I wanted to think of something that would really showcase what we do in the sound and music courses. I'd noticed that a few shows had been doing live performances of scores such as Titanic and Lord of the Rings and just thought there's no reason why we can't do that. I knew the musicians were capable of writing the scores, I knew our film course would have some great films and I knew us on the sound course could get it sounding great.’

Luke also commented that having a talented amateur orchestra in The Basement Orchestra, two great films, four amazing composers and a brilliant hardworking crew were crucial ingredients for his idea to become a reality. 

Stuart Mc Donald _ Film Score Live Event

The film Ice Cream, directed by Ben Marshall, was selected because Luke loved the twist. After watching a series of short stories made by the film students this was his favourite. In addition, Luke also wanted a film that ran a bit longer to give the musicians a chance to explore some different emotions. The Sad Clinic was a film he was working on as Sound Designer and felt like a natural choice due to the contrast in emotions from scene to scene. 

The director of The Sad Clinic, Stuart McDonald (left), commenting on the experience said: ‘Getting any film made is difficult but this was particularly tough because I was out of my comfort in terms of stunt co-ordination, fight choreography, and other areas such as make-up and the overall genre of the film. All I can say is I had a fantastic crew that facilitated my every requirement and I was mostly proud of how professional they all were, under some very difficult circumstances. I will always be very grateful for that and I do hope they know it.’ 

The student composers involved in the production were:

  • Ice Cream
  • Barley G Davies

The Sad Clinic

  • Part 1 - Sam Terret
  • Part 2 - Ben Brannan
  • Part 3 - Ornella Graf

The live orchestra, along with Luke William Hodsdon and the team, also did a marvellous job with the score; it made for a very different viewing experience. A feast for all senses.

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