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18 Jun 2014

And the Award goes to .... Juicebox

All walks award Iain Bromley

On 2 June the programme leader for Fashion Promotion, Iain Bromley, was presented with the Diversity Activist Award from All Walks: Beyond the Catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) 2014. The award was for the third edition, ‘The Identity Issue’, of the online style magazine Juicebox.

The magazine is a creation of BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion Level 2 students and is aimed at the fashion-conscious within the global village.

The third edition was all about personal identity within fashion, celebrating individuality and providing the reader with a range of inspirational editorial features that can act as a starting point for their own search for style. 

The award for Juice Box issue 3 is a reflection of the course's standpoint on current fashion imaging and promotion. Founded by Caryn Franklin, Debra Bourne and Erin O’Connor, All Walks: Beyond the Catwalk is an industry initiative to rethink fashion in the current marketplace. The Fashion Promotion team are really proud to receive this recognition.  

More information about the campaign can be found in the interview with Caryn, titled ‘At the Cutting Edge’, which is available in the current edition of Juicebox.

Read it online now...

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