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02 Apr 2014

Thank you 3D Creative summit 2014

3D Summit Jason Goodman Ceo21century

For two days, the 3D Summit 2014 filled the BFI, Southbank, with the best creative talent pioneering 3D. 

During 48 hours over 500 people visited the event including some of our Ravensbourne staff and students.

Find out what they had to say about it...

Name: Christophe Castiglioni

Position: International Recruitment Projects and Partnership Officer

Role: Spectator

Your favourite moment? I got the chance to meet Jean Pierre Jeunet in person. He is one of my favorite film producers and was a guest during the summit. He presented his first 3D production 'The young and Prodigious TS Spive' , shared the challenges of filming in 3D and talked about the audience experience and how he had to conduct workshops in France to educate people about watching 3D.

Your favourite lecture/session? This is a very hard one as there were several amazing sessions. I was blown away by the Vatican Museum 3D session. All of a sudden I felt I was back in the Sistine Chapel but instead of walking through it I was literally flying under the paintings that were coming to life. I rediscovered Michelangelo's masterpiece through a new eye and a new dimension. I cannot wait for the full documentary to be available. In my opinion, it gives a new breath to museums and how people approach them.

What did you think of the overall event? A very rich and interesting event where 3D was put at the service of education, discovery, professional learning and interaction. I learnt how film makers play with different layers to create new emotions and new content. Ravensbourne did an impressive job to link the industry with our institution. Both content and film experience were showcased for the delight of the attendees.

Name: Jennie Stewart

Position: Head of Marketing and Communications

Role: The event took place about a month into my joining Ravensbourne so I was lucky enough to be able to attend as an observer this time.

Brian May

Your favourite moment? My favourite moment was also in my favourite session, which was the Brian May Diableries session.Paula Fleming, former photo archivist at the Smithsonian was displaying a stereograph and mentioned that it featured some thunder and lightning. At which point Brian May (yes of Queen fame) leaned into the mic and said ‘that’s very very frightening’.

My next favourite moment has to be seeing the evening reception filled to bursting point with all the delegates swapping notes on their favourite sessions and what they’d learnt from the event. And already talking about what they’d like to see at next year’s 3D Creative Summit.

Your favourite lecture/session? My favourite session was Brian May’s Diableries where we were taken through the history of the French and English Diableries and their place in political satire. For some creators of the Diablery series of stereographs, their topic was considered so incendiary, they had to be very inventive in how the stereographs were labelled and archived in order to avoid imprisonment for treason or dissention. It was truly fascinating to understand how the diableries were originally created and how much detailed work they took to create such vivid effect. Each one, originating from the 19th century, takes a minimum of three weeks to restore, and in some cases the stereographs have probably been lost forever – either never found or truly beyond restoration. An engrossing subject and I could have listened to the three experts – Dr Brian May, Paula Fleming and photo-historian Denis Pellerin for hours.

What did you think of the overall event? A fantastic event with a really impressive list of speakers, and lots of keen delegates. The delegates all seemed to enjoy the event as much as I did and asked a lot of questions.

3D Creative Summit Student crew filmingName: George Burkett

Position: Online Video Post Producer

Role: e.g. spectator/working? Working, Filming & Photographer

What did you think of the overall event? It was excellent, lots of interesting talks with lots of spectacular visuals

Your favourite lecture/session? The D-Day landing documentary film in NFT1 on the second day, This was my favourite because I have a keen interest in History, and it was really cool to see someone doing something in 3D to do with history.

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