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01 Mar 2014

Course of the Month MDes Design Management Innovation

MDes Design Management Innovation

Course of the Month_Marcel MunchMarcel Münch, 27, is from Germany and has been studying at Ravensbourne for a year. He knew he had found what he was looking for when he came across Ravensbourne while Googling masters courses that merge design and business. 


What concerns did you have ahead of enrolling for a postgraduate course? And, have they been quashed?

Studying the MDes was a career choice for me, making a shift from business administration towards a focus on innovation and problem solving techniques. I was unsure if I would be able to succeed in the world of design and how much it would really add to business but it turned out that these concerns were clearly unfounded.

Your reasons for undertaking a postgraduate degree?

I had already gathered enough work experience during my undergraduate degree and afterwards to know that it would be a good time to make this switch in my career. Furthermore, doing a Masters in the UK had the benefit of improving my English and completing the degree in a shorter time period. The same degree in Germany would be two years full-time.

What do you like most about Ravensbourne?

The atmosphere of the building is quite cool and progressive. I like the spirit and the open culture around Ravensbourne, which I would say is in stark contrast to more traditional colleges.

How do you like the lecturers, resources, support, facilities, etc?

The lecturers were brilliant and I have received good support from various organisations within the Ravensbourne.

I like the fact that I am able to borrow photography equipment for freelance and college work. The course is quite new, but everyone is eager to learn and improve so the overall experience is really good.

What opportunities have you had here that you don't think you'd have had at another university?

I was part of a co-creation day with Barclays, which gave me some good first-hand and straightforward industry experience. On top of that I was asked by the course leader to take photos for the new course brochures, which was a fun experience and shows the close relation between tutors and students that is quite unique to Ravensbourne.

How do you think this course will help you in the future?

I already found a paid internship that I am doing while I write my final thesis, and I have been offered a junior position with a service design agency in Berlin as soon as I graduate.

I think the course has already helped me in making my career shift come true. In the long term, I am hoping that the value of design for business becomes more popular and becuase of this my degree will be recognised even more, even among non-design disciplines.

What advantages are there in entering a postgraduate degree in your field?

One of the advantages, which is a drawback at the same time, is that the MDes in Design Management Innovation is quite unique and innovative. On one hand this means that externals won’t immediately understand what the course is all about. However, the advantage of this is that there is a lot of pioneer work to be done and opportunities are plenty. I think this will become even more visible in the future.

Finally, are there any words of wisdom you would offer to someone considering studying this course at Ravensbourne?

I highly recommend arranging a visit to the college and speaking to the course leader and tutors. This will give both sides a better understanding and feeling and it is a good opportunity to get to know the MDes family.

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