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06 Jan 2014

Juicebox edition #2

Juicebox is the new publication from BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion aimed at 17-20 yr olds. The magazine is available online and is free to all.

All the content of the magazine is written and produced by the students and reflects not only what is happening at Ravensbourne but in London.

Juicebox Edition Cover

Welcome note

At this moment, the whole world is looking at London. We’re now the world’s second city for fashion, putting New York and Milan to shame and stepping on Paris’ manicured toes. This month, Juicebox celebrates what London (and the rest of our grey little island) is celebrated for; our unbridled 

eccentricity, rich heritage and forward thinking. It’s all about considering where we’ve been, then using our talent for thinking uniquely to decipher where we’re going next. As the next generation of creative people, what from our heritage will be our design reference points in ten years? On page 13, Natalie Bell explores who will be the next team of fashion-genius that will be running the industry in years to come in her piece The Future Icons. After all, the Annas and Karls of this world have to retire eventually, who will be the individual thinkers who will replace them? 

It’s estimated that a third of Londoners were born outside the UK, and our unique sense of style reflects that. It’s the individuality of multiculturalism that we celebrate in our Faith in Fashion editorial on page 23. We live in a more diverse Britain today than ever before, Nathan Henry and Becky Lightbody delve into our rich cultural mix to deliver a fresh fashion story that explores the cultural values of our generation, and the many religions that have flourished in the UK. As the 90’s kids start getting real jobs and becoming proper adults, it’s time to celebrate our heritage, our eccentricity and our creative future – let’s celebrate and own it. Welcome to issue two.

The Juicebox Team.

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