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04 Dec 2013

Ravensbourne wins 'For 3 Minutes' Competition

'For 3 Minutes' Competition

Pooja Kanabar


BA (Hons) Digital Film students were given the opportunity to take part in ‘For 3 Minutes’, a competition headed by Carve productions in conjunction with The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Four higher education institutions took part: Ravensbourne, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff University. Six students from each of the institutions were chosen to create a short film that inspired, intrigued and captured the essence of their respected city.  Each team was given a mentor and five days to turn an original idea into a broadcast-quality visual piece, creating a captivating film was key to the challenge.


The purpose of the competition was to give university students a taste of professional media practice, to improve their employability prospects within the industry, and to use ‘For 3 Minutes’ as a launch pad for their careers.

Our students were given a brief on Monday and had to complete the film by 3pm on the Friday of the same week. They spent two 14-hour days filming and editing their winning piece.


Simon Wright, a BBC talent executive, judged the works and labelled Ravensbourne’s project as the winning team. The students have won a one year paid internship with RBS working on promotional and corporate content.

The student’s inspiration for their winning film was to depict the cultural history of London through time. To achieve this objective the choice of music was key in embodying the different eras; the soundtrack was created using mainly number one hits or the popular songs in the charts at that time. A&M prop house were also very generous and allowed the students to borrow thousands of pounds of props for the filming, such as set dressings, vintage TVs, VCRs and record players.

(left image - The winning students: Millie Bennett, Daisy Edwards, Tom McCagherty, Mhairi Wyles-Lang, Jay Solomon and Kitty Bertenshaw)

Mentor, Aaron Carty of Carve Productions said, “Ravensbourne students put their heart and soul into the project and started with a winning mentality. The product knowledge and practical skills of the team were extremely impressive and this really shows in the finished result. They created a broadcast quality film that a feature commissioner at Channel 4 called 'brilliant'.  I could see each one of the students from the winning team working with Carve Productions in the future and having successful careers in the media industry”. 


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